Shared and social values

New project to assess shared values around peatland tipping points

This month, the Peatland Tipping Points project was launched as part of the UK Valuing Nature Programme, which follows on from the Valuing Nature Network and UK National Ecosystem Assessment. The Peatland Tipping Points project is investigating how changes in climate and how we manage land might lead to abrupt changes, or “tipping points”, in the benefits that peatlands provide to UK society. We will identify early warning signs (such as changes in common insects) and provide evidence about the likely economic and social impacts of reaching tipping points. This information will be used to develop options for policy and practice that can help prevent tipping points being reached and facilitate restoration and sustainable management of peatlands across the UK. A range of shared values approaches will be used linking economic and interpretive methods to participatory scenario analysis and deliberative valuation. The project is led overall by Prof Mark Reed (Newcastle University), with the social and economic components led by Dr Jasper Kenter (Scottish Association for Marine Science) and Dr Julia Martin-Ortega (University of Leeds).