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Special Issue on Shared, Plural and Cultural Values

Shared Values Special Issue Front CoverA Special Issue on ‘Shared, Plural and Cultural Values’ has been published in the interdisciplinary journal Ecosystem Services, bringing together 15 publications presenting cutting edge theory and methodology building on the UK National Ecosystem Assessment. The issue is currently freely accessible, and was edited by Dr Jasper Kenter, Principal Investigator in Ecological Economics at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS).

Editorial abstract

To deeply resolve conflicts between nature conservation and exploitation, we need valuations that result from and are integrated with transformative processes that bring together different voices to develop shared understandings of conflicts between different ecosystem services and shared values around how to resolve them. This Special Issue builds on evidence from the second phase of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment to develop a discourse of shared, plural and cultural values in relation to ecosystems. Key themes include the formation and institutionalisation of shared values through socialisation, formal and informal deliberation; deliberative alternatives for value-aggregation; understandings and critiques of deliberation; and interrelations between values, place and identity. The importance of institutional factors, such as power issues, and the inevitable subjectivity of valuations around complex and contested issues are highlighted. A wide range of monetary and non-monetary analytical, deliberative, interpretive and psychometric methods are integrated. Shared, plural and cultural values are presented as a knowledge intervention critiqueing the increasing tendency to artificially separate economic and sociocultural values, and monetary and non-monetary valuation. Deliberative valuations are advocated as a means to integrate plural values and as a boundary object between research, practitioner and policy communities, enabling more effective translation of values into decisions and creating new democratic spaces for transformative social change.

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Table of contents

  • Editorial: Shared, plural and cultural values
    Jasper O. Kenter
  • Ecosystem services and the idea of shared values
    Katherine N. Irvine, Liz O’Brien, Neil Ravenscroft, Nigel Cooper, Mark Everard, Ioan Fazey, Mark S. Reed, Jasper O. Kenter
  • The Deliberative Value Formation model
    Jasper O. Kenter, Mark S. Reed, Ioan Fazey
  • Conceptualising cultural ecosystem services: A novel framework for research and critical engagement
    Robert Fish, Andrew Church, Michael Winter
  • Aesthetic and spiritual values of ecosystems: Recognising the ontological and axiological plurality of cultural ecosystem ‘services’
    Nigel Cooper, Emily Brady, Helen Steen, Rosalind Bryce
  • The ripple effect: Institutionalising pro-environmental values to shift societal norms and behaviours
    Mark Everard, Mark S. Reed, Jasper O. Kenter
  • Transcendental values and the valuation and management of ecosystem services
    Christopher M. Raymond, Jasper O. Kenter
  • Subjective well-being indicators for large-scale assessment of cultural ecosystem services
    Rosalind Bryce, Katherine N. Irvine, Andrew Church, Robert Fish, Sue Ranger, Jasper O. Kenter
  • The impact of information, value-deliberation and group-based decision-making on values for ecosystem services: Integrating deliberative monetary valuation and storytelling
    Jasper O. Kenter, Niels Jobstvogt, Verity Watson, Katherine N. Irvine, Michael Christie, Ros Bryce
  • Integrating deliberative monetary valuation, systems modelling and participatory mapping to assess shared values of ecosystem services
    Jasper O. Kenter
  • Deliberative Democratic Monetary Valuation to implement the Ecosystem Approach
    Johanne Orchard-Webb, Jasper O. Kenter, Ros Bryce, Andrew Church
  • An arts-led dialogue to elicit shared, plural and cultural values of ecosystems
    David M. Edwards, Timothy M. Collins, Reiko Goto
  • Making space for cultural ecosystem services: Insights from a study of the UK nature improvement initiative
    Robert Fish, Andrew Church, Cheryl Willis, Michael Winter, Jamie A. Tratalos, Roy Haines-Young, Marion Potschin
  • Forming shared values in conservation management: An interpretive-deliberative-democratic approach to including community voices
    Sue Ranger, Jasper O. Kenter, Ros Bryce, Gabriel Cumming, Tim Dapling, Erin Lawes, Peter B. Richardson
  • Shared values and deliberative valuation: Future directions
    Jasper O. Kenter, Rosalind Bryce, Michael Christie, Nigel Cooper, Neal Hockley, Katherine N. Irvine, Ioan Fazey, Liz O’Brien, Johanne Orchard-Webb, Neil Ravenscroft, Christopher M. Raymond, Mark S. Reed, Paul Tett, Verity Watson

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